Valley Mini Storage  
    639 Carson Blvd, Fountain, Colorado. 80817  
  Facility activity monitored 24 hours a day  
  Our facility activity is monitored 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. A digital video record of who comes and goes from this site, as well as their exact time, is maintained for 25 calendar days following every visit. This information is available to all of our registered tenants as well as the Fountain Police Department. We ask that all 572 tenants play an active role in reporting anything they feel is out of the ordinary. You'll find a form at the bottom of this page that can be filled out electronically and submitted to our office with the highest level of anonymity. Thank you for joining us in our extended effort to prevent any form of crime.
See "Our Electronic Form's" at the bottom of this page

Don't get caught using a cheap lock. It just ends up being a gold plated invitation to a thief. The difference between a good lock and a cheap one is about $5.00. A very small investment for a very big piece of mind. We require every tenant to protect their storage goods with a high quality barrel lock.

Our managers perform a lock check of this entire facility on a daily basis. Please join with us to keep our facility safe and secure by using a good lock.

  Using the proper lock is the key to best ensuring the security of your storage unit. Using a round Barrel Lock designed for Mini Storage use, is your best defense against any unauthorized person removing it.  
  Should a problem arise  
  If you were to encounter a problem, no matter how small it might be, it is important that you contact our front office or the Fountain Police Department immediately. We have provided the following forms to best enable you to resolve any problem as quickly as possible. Organization is the key. Each one of these forms is organized in a manner to pursue a remedy as quickly as possible.  
  These forms are in P.D.F format. If you have trouble loading them, please install Acrobat Reader on your computer. This is a one time installation and is free from Adobe. Click on Acrobat® Reader® if you need to add this software.  
  "Instant Help"    

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