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Thank you for using Valley Mini Storage


A sincere note of thanks for using Valley Mini Storage. Building this facility has been a labor of love over the last 25 years and has involved a lot of hard work by a wide variety of employees and material suppliers. Our facility started in an old dirt field and a two lane road that had a traffic count of approximately 400 cars a day. As anticipated, the area has grown as the years have progressed and that traffic count has now surpassed a count of 27,000 cars daily. 

The Fountain Valley has blossomed into a quiet, but quality, residential community. As things stand today, the single most important factor I am thankful for is the quality of our managers, their attitudes, their attention to detail, and most of all, their strong will to make sure your needs are taken care of. They manage this facility 7 days a week and handle a wide variety of responsibilities with a goal of providing the best service possible.  I deeply appreciate their attitudes and couldn't feel more fortunate to be associated with the quality that is present in each one of their personalities.

I want to extend a strong note of thanks to all the customers that make our life enjoyable on a daily basis. Each of you are deeply appreciated. You play a big role in allowing us to work in an environment that has not only purpose, but a strong sense of satisfaction as well.

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  If you have an interest in purchasing this facility. We have prepared a 12 min. video outlining this projects features and an overview of the of the details related to the same.        
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      My Sincere note of thanks for choosing to use our facility. We all work hard to meet the needs of each one of our customers as well as the community at large. Thank you for considering us to accommodate your storage needs.      
      Sincerely, Dean B.Butterfield - Owner, Valley Mini Storage      

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