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  "Unnecessarily Sending Things to Our Landfills is Shameful"     Please Work With Us to Protect Our Environment and Make Things Available to Those Less Fortunate.  
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There are so many reasons things get left behind at a storage warehouse. Too many to list. It’s not important what gets left behind, “But Rather The Effort That Is Made To Minimize What Goes To The Landfill.”  The easy route – send it to the dump. The harder route – make it available to someone who can use it and do it for free. No charge to them.

Those of us that work at Valley Mini Storage are always sad when we see items hauled to the landfill that could otherwise be used by someone in need. We, like so many others on this planet, are conscious that many of these items can be recycled and put to good use.

A “Green Environment” It’s not just words, it’s a conscious effort by all of us that are Stuarts of this land.

We are very proud of our never-ending attempt to play our part in keeping this planet healthy and clean. If you are interested in being on our mailing list of the “Items For Free” program, click here, fill out our E-mail contact form and you’ll be contacted via E-mail when these items become available.

Thank all of you for joining our effort to keep our landfill burden to a minimum. Join with us in reducing what goes to our landfills.


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